Mossberg 500 Turkey Thug Gun

Video Blog – Review: Mossberg 500 Turkey Thug Gun   Recently updated !

Welcome to our Video Gun Reviews. In this video we review the Mossberg 500 Turkey Thug Gun. Over at we took this gun turkey hunting in Oklahoma and had a blast with it. Please check out the article and watch the video for our full review of this shotgun.

Become a part of History – Make the 277 Wolverine a standard!!

Team we need your help. Mark Kexel at Mad Dog Weapons has undertaken the overwhelming and daunting task of taking his 277 Wolverine wildcat into a commercial standard. This is not cheap. You can become a part of history in helping making this wildcat become a standard - something normally done only by the big guys! Be part of this history Team TheGaGG!!

Primer Punch size difference for Hornady AP Progressive Press

Reloading: Setting Up My Progressive   Recently updated !

Given the amount of training I am doing (and will be doing) I decided to branch out my reloading with a progressive press. I bough a Hornady AP Progressive Press and have spent a couple of weeks between the instructions and videos getting it set up properly. This article details the quick method of from box to ready to start load set up, for this press. It helps you not have to waste the time I did going back and forth figuring out what's what.

Journey to USPSA Regionals: Establishing Training Regimen   Recently updated !

Welcome to "Journey to USPSA Regionals". This is my personal journal related to my training and competition activities on my journey to train-up in order to compete at a USPSA regional. Building skills is hard. Without a set of goals and a clear training regimen you are largely burning your time inefficiently. In this article I outline my base training regimen I will be evolving as I go.

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #5

This is a "don't miss" episode. We have the privilege to interview Brian Zins, Top Shot TV show competitor and NRA record legend. This was a crazy awesome interview with a tremendously nice guy!