Remington get your act together!

This will be short and sweet…

I will probably never buy another Remington rifle.

Now understand, I own an 1100, as well as a Versamax, and until recently a 700 varmint. In fact, the “until recently” is the result of why I will probably never own another Remington rifle.

Here’s why…

So towards the end of last year, I bought said 700 varmint from Dicks Sporting Goods. It was a decent price, and there was a $50 rebate. It was a 308 varmint, heavy barrel. I was pretty happy when I bought it.

Strike 1 – The rebate

I really hate rebates and am always skeptical about them. But the clerk at Dicks walked me through the form and showed me everything they provided to just send it in. I followed the instructions and sent it in, and over a year later, I have yet to see my $50.

Ok, I was skeptical to begin with, so shame on me, but of course NO ONE at Remington would talk with me about it since all these companies outsource these rebates to another organization. But if your gonna put your “brand” on the rebate then own it Remington (and other companies).

Strike 2 – The recall

About 3 months after buying it (and having not even had a chance to fire it), I walk back into Dicks and notice there is not a single Remington present. I ask the gun clerk and he informs me of the 700 trigger recall. I immediately go home and check and sure enough, my brand spanking new, never fired rifle is under recall. Now note, the recall notice said “do not even load…” the weapon. Doing a little bit of research revealed it was a serious and catastrophic (and dangerous) issue – so I took it serious.

I contact Remington and get in the queue. I have to wait a week for the packing materials to be sent to me. Then when I get them, the caliber on the form is wrong as well as the serial number. I am not sure if the later was my mistake or theirs, but it took 2 phone calls to a very busy “recall line” to rectify. During the process of rectifying that issue while I am talking with the representative, I ask how long this is going to take (to have it repaired and back to me). They inform me that the inbound shipping, intake and return shipping at a minimum will be 3 weeks and that the “work queue” for all the guns is over a 8 weeks – but, of course they couldn’t give me a specific date.

WTF?!! I asked her if there was an alternative. I was told that specifically licensed repair centers could perform the repairs if they had the parts. I asked her in my state (of over 8 million people, of which there are probably over 2 million Remingtons) where these repair centers were and was told there were only 2. That’s right 2, and worse the closest was 2 hours away. Now note, Remington has their HQ here in my state, and there are ONLY 2 repair centers.

Ok, I opt to send it in.

Strike 3 – The wait

So 6 weeks into my wait, I started checking the “recall website” to see what my status was. Never once could I get their website to work. In Chrome, IE, and Firefox, on both mac and windows, I could never get it to do anything but spit out errors at me. Now I am a technie, so I know what I am doing. It didn’t work. I got on the phone after several attempts and in talking with the rep they tell me “ours is working”. “Well mind is not, and I keep having to call you which takes 20 minutes or more”. No apologies no attempts to repair the issue. For months this cycle went on.

In fact for about 3 1/2 months. Yep my brand new gun, never fired was kept hostage for nearly 4 months.

But what really gripped me was the fact Remington provided no apology; no “here’s a little something for your troubles” (even cheap ass swag); and you can not even find any reasonable high level contacts on any of their online information to complain. I tried calling their HQ and talk to someone, and was put into a voice mail bucket that never returned my call.

Remington has gone customer blind. They think they are above their customer, that their brand is bigger than their buyers.

In fact, in researching the trigger issue, I realized that this “trigger” problem (or similar) had been going on with Remington for years, and Remington had refused to do anything about it – until forced to. Which is why the work back log was so massive.

Remington has forgotten their is a customer pulling their triggers. A customer they once valued, but no longer do.

Buy at your own risk. I doubt I will. Remington RIP, you won’t get my money anymore.

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