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December 1, 2017

Shooter Gift Ideas (2017)

Well, it is here...the 2017 Holiday season! In this article, we present some ideas from…
GunsmithingRemington Ju Ju
September 26, 2017

Remington Ju-Ju, Model 700: 101 Orientation and Nomenclature

Welcome to our "Remington Ju-Ju 101" series. In this training, we provide you with a…
Reloading Trays ReloadingReloading Tools
January 19, 2018

Online Shooting Tools – Hodgdon Pistol Load Data

Reloading requires using a lot of reference data. We know this and want to constantly…
Jim's Gems
July 16, 2018

Jim’s Gem #8 – My Road to “Gun Jim”

Jim shares his path to where he is now as a shooter, gunsmith and instructor.…
holster, carry, conceal, pistol Education
January 14, 2018 Article – Using the Bathroom with a Conceal Carry Handgun

This article comes from Talk about potty humor... Wow, this article was a mind…
serpa, holster, pistol, cpp, m9, 1911, shooting Announcements
September 13, 2018

New Contributor Aaron Sands – Welcome and Introduction!

We want to announce and introduce a new contributor here at Aaron Sands. Aaron…
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2018 IDPA National Championships

From (web site for IDPA)... Here is the announcement for the 2018 National Championships.…
Trigger Close up

WTH Files: Modern Shooter Lazy?… – The Return of Bad Things

From our WTH Files... In this article we take issue with a recent article Sam…
holster, pistol, carry, conceal

Jim’s Gems #5 – Didn’t Stay Holstered Long

Welcome to Jim's Gems #5. Well, Jim couldn't keep his concealed carry thoughts holstered long.…
Gift Ideas
Shooter Gift Ideas (2017)
Great Link – Field Stripping 1911 (Shooting Illustrated)
ak47, rifle, semi-automatic
Jim’s Gems #4 – My Year with an AK-47 – Nothing but guns, gun gear and shooting!

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