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WTH Files: Modern Shooter Lazy?… – The Return of Bad Things   Recently updated !

From our WTH Files... In this article we take issue with a recent article Sam Hoober posted over at The Daily Call. The article Sam wrote ties into some recent head scratching I am doing as I watch the industry bring back some pistol "bad things" such as dual mode triggers and thumb safeties. Let's not let our "good ole days" thinking become dangerous trends.

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Jim’s Gems #5 – Didn’t Stay Holstered Long 2

Welcome to Jim's Gems #5. Well, Jim couldn't keep his concealed carry thoughts holstered long. After taking the brief sidebar with his AK, we are back on the trail of thoughts related to defensive handguns. In this article, Jim goes old-school on his thoughts about your holster and magazine carrier selection. Read carefully and avoid the dreaded drawer full of bad holster choices.

Shooter Gift Ideas (2017)

Well, it is here...the 2017 Holiday season! In this article, we present some ideas from $10 - $1000's of dollars for your special shooter. We provide you with some hints and suggestions that can help you come up with some holiday gift giving ideas. HO HO HO... We Hope this makes your special shooter's Christmas even better!

Great Link – Field Stripping 1911 (Shooting Illustrated)

For those of you who (like me) occasionally need a reminder on stripping 1911's, Shooting Illustrated has a great article that outlines the process well. Field stripping (or disassembly) of a 1911 has some quirks, so keep this bookmarked in case you need it.

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Jim’s Gems #4 – My Year with an AK-47

It is Jim's Gems time! This is "Jim's Gem #4". Jim takes a slight departure from his defensive pistol focus to talk about his time with the venerable AK-47. Read as Jim conveys his year with an AK-47. From a disappointing start to a rather surprising set of results, Jim shares his Soviet Bloc firearms odyssey with you, our reader.