4.5 Gaggs to Wilson Combat Customer Service

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Over the course of several gun builds I have purchase high and low end products from Wilson Combat. The items purchased range from match grade barrels, to bolt catch releases. Overall I have found their customer service to be of excellent quality, that said there are some small factors that make it less than a 5 Gagg CS Rating.

The first issue I have is getting through. Calling Wilson Combat you may get wait times or in their queue from 5 min to 15 min, or longer. While not atrocious, it can take valuable time away from work. It is also erratic. You call first thing in the morning, when you would expect a smaller queue and it may take you longer than lunch time. It is hard to tell what is the better time to call.

The second issue is inconsistency in return “attitude”. I say attitude to mean their willingness to work with you on returns. In one case I bought a match grade barrel that the build was put on hold for months. When it came time to do the build the customer wanted a different barrel. The time frame was outside of their “return policy” but when I called Wilson Combat customer service the worked with me and did a swap. I was very impressed (5 Gagg type service). During the entire interaction I was holding my breath, that I was going to lose a customer or eat a barrel… So thank you Wilson Combat.

However, in a recent interaction over one of their oversized bolt catch release systems being reviewed for thegagg.com, when I placed a courtesy call to see if they wanted to send another out (the one I had was not going to review well and was faulty), it became a bit of a haggle. They wanted me to send all my stuff back before they would send anything out. I finally had to just say, “look I am making this as a courtesy call and opportunity to be properly and fully reviewed…”. The customer service rep, I think finally got it and went ahead and sent out replacements to test.

That interaction was sad, as I spent a lot more time on the phone for a $30 part than I did a $300 part (barrel).

Overall, my experience with Wilson Combat has been positive and good, though. They sincerely want to stand behind their products and put their customer service as a priority. For that Wilson Combat gets 4.5 Gaggs!

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