5 Gaggs to Hornady Customer Service

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Today we announce the “Gagg” scale. A follow-up post will appear in the near future outlining the full details of this scale, but it will be used going forward in our evaluations and to express quality. Simply defined 1 Gagg is horrible, don’t ever use it, and 5 Gaggs is da-bomb, always use it.

This scale is being preliminarily presented so we can express our greatest gratitude for the Hornady Company’s customer service. I recently had an interaction with them in regards to reloading equipment, and I have to personally say, if every American company was this good – we would dominate the world.

The experience started from the automated voice message that all companies have this day. I am telling you, you need to call it and hear it. It is fun, humorous, but most importantly sets the tone of the great interaction you are going to have with Hornady.

When I was transferred to the customer service queue, I was immediately “caller 1”. Imagine that, its the middle of the day, in the middle of the week – and I am caller number 1. I didn’t have to call early or late, or sneak in by calling some extension and then getting a priority transfer in, like I often have to do at other companies.

I was very disappointed, though. My status as caller 1 lasted 2.5 seconds, as I was immediately greeted by a nice customer service rep. He didn’t give me some long drawn out tag line or customer service spiel, he simply said his name and told me we were going to resolve my issues.

And that he did.

When I stated my problem, he immediately understood it. Unlike a LOT of companies these days, I didn’t have to explain it over (and over) nor dumb it down to get him to understand. In fact he immediately pointed out somethings that may be broken as well and without asking created and order for all the replacement parts I needed

What a warranty! No fuss, no RMA, no blood drawn to prove I am human. Told him my problem, what didn’t work and was broken and blamo – its solved!

I am blown away by customer service like this. If I have another child his middle name is going to be Hornady.

Keep it up Hornady! Actually please go teach some of your fellow gun-business companies how to do the same thing!

Hornady the first 5 Gagg Winner! Congratulations!

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