When we set out with TheGaGG.com, it was a place where we wanted to share a lot of “stuff” – gun stuff, outdoor stuff, adventures stuff… Lots of stuff. As the “stuff” grew, we realized that to have it all on one site made it too confusing for our readership. Therefore, we decided to move everything but the “gun stuff” elsewhere (Wilderness,aster.com) and have TheGaGG.com be simply about guns and gun gear.

TheGaGG.com 2.0 was born.

Why “GaGG”? Well, it is hard to find good domains these days for gun sites and “GaGG” stands for Gun and Gear Guy – but, hey, it can stand for Gun and Gear Gal (for you gals out there). So, if you are into guns, you are a GaGG!

Here at TheGaGG.com, we are about guns, gun gear and shooting. That is what we are about and we are all about them. Whether or not you have even picked up your first firearm, or you are a seasoned gun bunny (veteran), we hope that you find the content we share here at TheGaGG.com meaningful and stimulating.

We are always looking for your input. Please feel free to use our contact form to provide any insights you have about this site. Our goal is to provide you with a portal into all of your gun/gear/shooting needs.

Luke Stephens

Founder TheGaGG.com