TheGaGG.com – Funny name for a gun site isn’t it? Well, when I went to create the site, the web site names for gun sites was fairly saturated and I could find a really svelte name like gunslinger.com, or gunbunny.com.

So I had to come up with a a domain name. How did I come up with TheGaGG.com? Well, I really wanted the site to be about guns, gear and shooting and I was wanting to become a “gun and gear” guy… Thus G A G G –¬† Gun And Gear Guy. Voila – TheGaGG.

Similarly when I set out to create the site, I thought I was simply creating a blog – an online place to write about my experiences, guns, shooting, outdoors, hunting…

Well… that has changed a lot too! First, the non-direct gun stuff (hunting…) was spun off into its own site (WildernessMaster.com). Second, what began as a blog is now an online portal and resource for all things Guns, Gear (particularly gun gear) and Shooting.

With the version 3.0 of TheGaGG.com site we move from this blog format to our online resource portal format. For the follower this means:

  • less chronology (time based) dependence… This means valuable content does not diminish in value with time (because it gets pushed further back in the blog roll).
  • easier to use taxonomy… With the previous versions of the site, the top level taxonomy had become messy. We made this a lot cleaner.
  • better image support more focus on visual presentations.
  • support for the future growth and evolutions of the site… Our goal is for it to be a while before we have to do a “4.0” but be able to do micro iterations (4.1, 4.2…).
  • richer semantic presentations… you will now find not just “recent posts”, but “trending posts”, “featured posts”, etc presentations of the content we have.

Here at TheGaGG.com, we are about guns, gun gear and shooting. That is what we are about and we are all about them. Whether or not you have even picked up your first firearm, or you are a seasoned gun bunny (veteran), we hope that you find the content we share here at TheGaGG.com meaningful and stimulating.

We are always looking for your input. Please feel free to use our contact form to provide any insights you have about this site. Our goal is to provide you with a portal into all of your gun/gear/shooting needs.

Luke Stephens

Founder TheGaGG.com