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This is the original work of Brian Zins’. He has given me permission to repost his from 9/5/2017. I found this post to be very insightful and good wisdom for those seeking excellence in shooting or anything…

Brian Zins Facebook Post

Wrote this in the comments on someone else’s original post. Thought I should share it here……

Books I’ve read specifically for shooting.

The Inner Game of Tennis
What to say when you talk to yourself

That’s it.

What puts one shot in the middle of the target?

Flawless application of the fundamentals.

What makes someone the winner?

The most shots delivered with flawless application of the fundamentals.

I’ve said this time and time again in my class. You shoot a ten I shoot a ten. What is the difference in those two ten’s?

Nothing, both were delivered through flawless application of the fundamentals. At the end of the day what separates us is the number of tens shot. That’s all.

Is there a mental aspect of shooting? Of course there is…..are you gonna learn it in a book or listening to a CD? I don’t think so, personally. Can it help develop your own mental program? Sure. But ultimately you have to figure out what works for you and develop it for you, by you.

You don’t need a life coach to make you a better shooter. You are your life coach. I’m sorry but I’m not allowing another human to “coach” my life.

brian zins, shooting mastery

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I’ve seen so many training classes out there lately and in their description they talk about mindset for shooting, the combat mindset, all the metal aspects of shooting, classes that will “not just make you a better shooter but a better person all around, a better co-worker and get along better with your co-workers.”

You describe your personal experiences from combat, but that does not ready another person for combat.

I can describe the perfect steak or a glass of the best Scotch in the world to one who has never had it, does that give them the experience of tasting it? No.

You want to experience what it takes to be a champion, you have to become a champion.

You have to learn what works for you to stay in your process of delivering a well aimed shot. Then doing it over and over and over……

Master the fundamentals. Master YOUR shot process. Control your mind to STAY on YOUR process, whether shooting good or bad.

If you need to meditate, self hypnotize yourself, listen to positive affirmations about how good of a shooter you are before a match, if you need to elevate your heart rate for 20 minutes then eat a turkey sammich and banana before a match, if you need to listen to Schism by Tool on your way to the range…..DO IT. Do it all, Do none of it. Do whatever it takes for you to get into the best mental place FOR YOU to be able to stay in your process during the match. Be able to turn it on and off between stages, but when it’s ON.

Follow-up Thoughts

That post was followed by a lot of other persons’ comments and an additional thought by Brian Z of:

Brian Zins I guess breaking it down to shooting, I would say shooting is nothing more than your finger re-acting to what your eyes see. So manipulating the trigger not early or late but to have the hammer fall as the sights are passing thru the center of the target without the trigger pressure allowing the sights to be moved away from the center but if anything toward the center.

There are truly only two fundamentals of shooting AIMING and TRIGGER CONTROL. What’s funny is those two need to be applied simultaneously.

Yes stance, position, grip, breathing and all the other things are important. They however are not fundamentals to all shooting.

So the bounce-hit of shooting.

Sights-squeeze. Or whatever word it is you use to move the trigger. Press, pull whatever….

But the problem with that is the trigger movement needs to be happening as the sights and target are aligned to one another

Brian Zins’ Original Facebook Post

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