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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes @ (BtS)” series. This series is about what goes on behind the scenes at It is an informative series about what happens, what it takes and what we do at to bring to you our site and its content. We hope you enjoy the casual, easy-going format and sharing of our behind the scenes happenings. From time to time, we may even share some “bloopers” that you might never see otherwise.

[Editor’s note – some of the following is a duplication from a similar post at – but NOT all of it. We didn’t want you to feel we were trying to trick you, but not every follower of one site follows the other.]

Summer Slowdown

Summer Days

At the start of the summer, we made some decisions and changes. With this being our inaugural year, it has been a barn-burner! We often found ourselves doing a lot of last-minute work in order to get content out in a timely manner. Whether there were last-minute updates, edits, photography, retakes of video… it was hectic. At the same time, we noted some things that we needed to do, to improve and upgrade in order to move our site to the “next level”.

Also, since we were new to publishing, I guessed that the summer period was not necessarily the peak “audience” season. My guess was based on how many written publications tended to not produce during the summer.  Also, the few that did get produced had much thinner content. Time will tell…that could have been a bad guess.

Regardless, I decided to slow-roll our content for the period from June-August. I spread out our pretty heavy schedule a lot. With the minor respite, I hoped:

  • We could get ahead in our production schedule and start having fewer JIT (just in time) production moments.
  • To upgrade and improve our social media presences and SEO. Readers, this is also in your lap. The more you share and spread the word, the more viral we will go – and the more we can bring to you!
  • To map out some new content series, develop some new content and look at the 3.0 version of our site.

DO NOT  think that our slowdown was a “break” for us. Given we are about half way through, it has been a LOT of work!

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

Part of what we have been doing during  the “slowdown” was to make some improvements. Some improvements we have made include:

  • HTTPS – while this is a technical thing, it does two things for our audience:  1) It helps you know that you have the “real deal” and not some phisher or hacker, 2) It helps us reach a wider audience. Google and other search engines give better rankings for HTTPS sites.
  • A change to our permalink structure – Gun and Gear Guy, what the heck is a permalink? In this article for instance, the URL is All of the stuff after “” is the permalink. Permalinks allow you to copy them and come back to them later, without the risk of us changing them on you. Also, it helps you to find things easier.
  • We upgraded our technology capabilities. Our media technology is being upgraded considerably (hint 4K!!), as well as our audio technology. We are creating higher quality art and media components to give our media more “snap and zap”.

Many more upgrades have been made. I do not want to bore you with all of the nit-noid details, but coming soon we will be sharing some significant and very important changes. These changes will make our offerings to you, our audience, far more valuable.  Stand by for the announcements and the actual roll out!

New Faces and Face Lifts

As some of you may have noticed, we have formally added a few behind the scenes staff. Heather has joined us as our editor, Christine as our producer and Lucy as our artist.  As a team, they keep up with the overall look and feel of the site. In addition, Jim Marsal has become a regular monthly contributor and product reviewer. Don’t miss his “Jim’s Gems” monthly column. We have some additional parties, both behind the scenes and from contributor roles, we will be announcing throughout the year. These people bring real value to you, our audience, by improving the product that we deliver.

In addition to the new faces, we are making some face lifts. We are no longer in a small, cramped room for our media production. We now have a nice media studio for video, pictorial and audio development and production. As noted earlier, we have improved the technology we use to take advantage of this space.

Upgrades to the media studio

More importantly, we have invested in improvements which make the whole world our media studio. For our location shots, videos can be filmed more effectively and with higher quality results. The activities in my “workshops” and operating environments can be included in our media delivery. My ability to do podcasts and other audio work on-site or remotely (pretty much wherever) is now coming to reality.

Behind the scenes, we have forged some vendor relationships that should allow us to provide you with industry previews and sneak peeks at new technologies that are coming out.  This will allow us more opportunities to review products for you, our audience.

We plan on adding some subscription and product aspects that open new possibilities for you, our audience (part of the upcoming announcements)!

There are A LOT of things going on. All of our efforts are focused on creating better experiences for YOU!

Look For This Regularly

Since we plan on constantly working for you, our audience, I have decided to make “Behind the Scenes @” a regular series. I am not sure if it will be monthly, bi-monthly… Equal to our adventures and other activities, I believe it is equally important to share with you our journey in delivering and improving our product.

Look for future episodes. For now, get ready! We have some really cool things coming up. Enjoy the glimpse of “Behind the Scenes @”!

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