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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes @ (BtS)” series. This series is about what goes on behind the scenes at It is an informative series about what happens, what it takes and what we do at to bring to you our site and its content. We hope you enjoy the casual, easy-going format and sharing of our behind the scenes happenings. From time to time, we may even share some “bloopers” that you might never see otherwise.

I Quit (Almost)

As most of you know who are following the site, we upgraded our video capabilities. “Murphy” did his best to make that transition quite painful. In our last article in this series, we discussed the issues we had been having and taking some breaks from video work – due to “Murphy” and the issues. Well, “Murphy” almost caused me to “quit”. Literally, I had to re-do one of the videos at least 30 times. The worst part was that it was not a short one. In fact, it may be one of our longer videos.

Courtesy of

Most of the retakes were due to the video/audio issues we were experiencing. But, once that was resolved and our video mojo was back, I had to retake the same video at least 12 more times. A few times there were equipment malfunctions, while some had mistakes in the dialog I was delivering.

I have to admit, on the “take” before the final one I made, I had a bit of a meltdown. I had been in the video studio for about 3 hours doing and re-doing this one video and was completely frustrated. But, I finally got it right. It was about as close as I have come to the brink of quitting.


We are back on track now.

Gun Parts Delayed…and Delayed

In my podcast, I mentioned that I had a special build planned for my Montana elk hunting trip this year. It was a build that I planned on doing for both sites ( and  I was going to accurize and customize a Remington 700 7mm Rem Mag SPS. For, I wanted to use it as the build to make a lot of the new “Remington Ju-Ju, Model 700″series videos.

The parts for the build were delayed and delayed. First, the stocks were all out of stock (pun intended). I had to spend weeks looking across many sites and I ended up compromising on a Stocky’s stock. But, that was not the end of delays for this build.  I became backlogged in the barrel manufacturing…Still to date, I am waiting on the barrel and I hope it comes in soon. Otherwise, we may have to swap some of the “Remington Ju-Ju, Model 700” series around (yet again).

That was not all of the delays… I was, also, planning to complete some ultra lightweight AR-10 builds. I had a “travel kit” design that I wanted to have ready for this hunting season. Again, another plan was plagued with delays. Now, I have all of the parts in for that build, but I have not had the time to get onto it…given the other activities.

Delays, delays, delays… They can be a nightmare for a site like Aside from just the nuisances of them, they cause re-shuffling of production schedules, as well as backups due to too many overlapping delays!

Never, Ever…

From the files of “Never, Ever…”

Last hunting season, I looked at nearly all of my rifles and just did not like the scope configurations on any of them. The list included nearly every AR (except a couple of AR-10s) and almost every bolt-action rifle. Some had too much scope on them (for the caliber), while others had too little.  There were a few that I just did not like the way the scopes “sat” relative to my cheek weld. Innocently, I assumed that I had a year to get them all back the right way – ok, that was stupid innocence.

AR-15 scope closeup

Closeup of Scope

Fast forward to this year… Nearly 9 months have passed. The sites have been brought up and all of the work is going on for both sites. For most of the 9 months, my shooting focus has been on pistol shooting. Rifle shooting has been mostly on the back burner. I still have all of my scopes off and my re-do work has not taken place.  Guess what?? It is hunting season!

Fortunately, I do have some AR-10s (a 308 and a 7mm-08) that I can use, but I am kicking myself in the butt that I pushed this too far to the back.

Lesson learned… Never, ever take almost all of your scopes off of your rifles. Instead, just make tactical swaps and changes!!


From the files of “Phe-Freaking-Nominal…”

As I have discussed in my recent podcasts, I attended a 3 day Defensive Pistol Course put on by Brady Davis and Jim Marsal (the Jim Marsal who writes here at This was a phe-freaking-nominal course. Aside from the knowledge shared, their approach in stripping back to the basics and incrementally adding the skills back up was a winner. I can not tell you how big of a jump I personally made in my pistol shooting and the increase in my defensive pistol skills.. Let me tell you, it was significant.


So, we are in our 4th quarter of making your site for guns, gun gear and shooting. We are looking for your feedback on how we can make the site better for you. Any and all feedback is welcome. Since we are a volunteer staff here at, we want our focus to be on delivering what you want – not what we want.

We would, also,  like your ideas on how to ignite the fires in our audience to help us “go viral”. We want to grow so that we can bring you more. This next 12 months will be critical in our growth and our path – we want your help and ideas.

Please feel free to share your thoughts as well as comments on this article.

That pretty much wraps up this “Behind the Scenes at”. Check back in 6 more weeks for another edition!



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