Build Update – Deer/Hog Hunter (300 BLK)

Since the initial build, I have taken the gun out and discovered some things I liked, disliked and plain didn’t work. This is a quick post of those.

  • Magpul MOE stock – Hate it. Won’t ever own one again. The stock is constantly loose on the gun. When I was sighting it in it became an issue. I have tried all the web suggestions about tape, etc. They just don’t work. Will probably replace in the future. Too bad, I really liked the small, light profile of the stock.
  • Oversized Magazine Release – Replaced it with a standard one. A post in the near future will cover this issue, but basically the oversized magazine release is prone to catching, because it can’t be seated deep enough.
  • Oversized Bolt Catch Release – Lost the pad and replaced it with a standard one. A post in the near future will cover this issue as well. After repeated attempts at securing the pad on the release arm, I give up. It kept coming off, and on the recent Montana 2015 Hunt, it disappeared.
  • KNS Take Down/Pivot Pins – Luke warm. I have used them in the past and like the way it was easy to build a gun with them. Something in the upper/lower made the take down pin very tight and I have yet to get it smoothed out. Also I found in the field that small flange you can use to pull on the pin (as you have to push the detent) is difficult to do without a tool. In recent builds I am using standard take down/pivot pins.
  • EOTech Optic – Replaced. First and foremost I didn’t like the 3X magnifier EOTech makes. It is a very low quality optic. Given the 300 Blk has good abilities out to 250 – 300 yards (depending on loads), I decided a traditional scope with a bit more magnification would be better. I put a Burris E1 2-7X on the gun and have loved it.
  • Light – I don’t think this was part of the original post, but originally (as the pictures showed), I had nice tactical light on the end of it. After taking it out several times, I realized unless needed that light makes the gun a little “unbalanced” feeling. I have removed it and like the light and quick feeling of the gun now.

During the work-up of the gun, after the first range time, the Syrac adjustable gas block loosened and slide off its proper position. It turned my nice semi-automatic rifle into a bolt action paper weight. I have made some changes to the mounting and blue loctited some screws and we will see if it holds. If not I will be in contact with Syrac and post what I find out.

While in Montana this year (2015), I took this rifle. I loved carrying it. Several times we had to jump and chase some mullies and it was the perfect rifle for it: light, quick, and you could raise it up and be on target in a pinch. It had the right power and range to take down big deer, and even in close quarters (sub 50 yards) if we jumped an elk, I felt that a couple of the 125 grain loads I was carrying would take it down as well.

Outside of the “problem children” (above), the only changes I would make to the rifle are:

  • Ambi safety – during my hunt, several times it would have been nice to have been able to manipulate the safety with either hand.
  • Sling – it needs a good over the shoulder sling. This will probably take putting a sling swivel on the front rail or on the hand guard.
Deer/Hog 300 Blk Redeux

Deer/Hog 300 Blk Redeux

Coming next: Montana Hunt 2015, more rifle builds, product reviews, and more… Stay tuned.

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