Jim’s Gems #7 – Defensive Handgun Modifications and Enhancements 3

Welcome to Jim's Gems #7! For the final article in our series on defensive handguns, Jim will cover some minor modifications and enhancements to help us use our handguns more effectively.  Almost everyone likes the "new and improved" version of something, even all of us concealed carry shooters.  Since we are no different, I wanted to share some improvements I have discovered that will improve your defensive handgun without sacrificing its reliability. More so, without getting you into a bind if you ever have to use your handgun!

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Jim’s Gems #5 – Didn’t Stay Holstered Long 2

Welcome to Jim's Gems #5. Well, Jim couldn't keep his concealed carry thoughts holstered long. After taking the brief sidebar with his AK, we are back on the trail of thoughts related to defensive handguns. In this article, Jim goes old-school on his thoughts about your holster and magazine carrier selection. Read carefully and avoid the dreaded drawer full of bad holster choices.