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Rev GaGG Rants (RGR) – The Myth of Stopping Power

I am sorry for this my faithful audience, but I must go on a RANT! Reverend Gun and Gear Guy debunks the myth of "Stopping Power". Recently, I have run across scores of articles (by knowledgeable gun peeps) and questions about, well stopping power!! Why? Why do we keep this myth alive. Join me in a memorial service for the Myth of Stopping Power...

Gun-ology – Working up a new rifle/scope, 3 options

When I began shooting, sighting-in a rifle/scope was like a bad date. It took a lot of time and energy to just get a gun on paper. This article presents a set of rifle/scope sight-in choices that make more efficient use of your range time and energy. Whether you need to get a gun on paper or know your rifle/scope combo is pin-point accurate over its ballistic range, we have you covered.


Gun-ology – Ballistics: Online Tools

If you shoot much, at some point in time, you will want to understand the ballistics of what you shoot. To get you started along this path, we provide you with a survey of online and free ballistic tools. Whether you are just getting started or you are a very experienced shooter, these tools will aid you in your ballistics path and in better understanding your bullet/caliber/load profile.