Article – Using the Bathroom with a Conceal Carry Handgun

Can you spell “mind reader”? Wow, has a wonderful article on using the bathroom while you are conceal carrying. Why do I say “mind reader”?  As I sat in the “reading room” recently (with a gun), I thought “someone needs to write an article about this”. While this article is not quite the one that I was thinking, it is a thought-provoking article on the subject.

If you think about it, a bathroom represents a scenario that is somewhat unique. It is a place you must remove your clothing – which often is maintaining your weapon/holster.  It could quickly become a dangerous and vulnerable place.  Also, it is a place where mishandling a weapon can quickly  become a very unsafe scenario.

appendix carry, conceal, pistol

Example of Appendix Carry Position

Some key points I like about this article:

  • Emphasizes how to maintain accessibility in a bathroom scenario (we do not often consider that).
  • Highlights some of the safety concerns that could be faced in a bathroom scenario.
  • Stresses not setting your gun aside or where you can forget it.

I think we will provide a more in-depth article in the near future on variant scenarios for conceal carry.  Bathrooms, as well as hotel rooms, doctors offices…even port-a-potties will be included. These are places where we often disregard safety, protection or integrity of our conceal carry system.

This article, while limited in-depth, is a start. I recommend it to help provoke some thought(s) you may not have considered. It does outline some key areas of concern that you need to consider. Look forward to our providing you more useful, detailed guidance on the subject. For now, you can review this brief treatise on this intriguing “potty” humor (pun intended) here.

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