Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson – Quarterly Firearms Safety Chat


Welcome to our periodic firearms safety chat and review. We want to constantly advocate firearms safety here at TheGaGG.com.  Given our constant handling of guns as a hunter, shooter, firearms nut, or whatever, it is imperative that we always remind ourselves.  We hope this is an engaging way to do so with our audience.

Firearms Safety In A Nutshell

The rules are simple:

  1. Never assume that a gun is unloaded – always assume that a gun is loaded. Personally visually and physically check any gun you are given. Do not rely on anyone else.
  2. Always point a gun in a safe direction. The only non-safe direction you point a gun in is one where you intend to kill or massively destroy.
  3. Keep your finger OFF of the trigger and out of the trigger AREA until you are ready to kill or destroy whatever is in the direction where the gun is pointing.

In addition, here are some basic guidance tips:

  • If your gun has a manual safety (one you have to activate or engage), then keep the gun on “safe” until you are ready to put your finger on the trigger.
  • Always clear and make any gun safe:
    • after use
    • before you do any maintenance or cleaning
    • before any non-live fire training
    • when it goes into storage (if it is not your duty/carry gun)
  • Develop a gun “state” protocol. For me, I always make sure I clear, make safe and put an indicator in the chamber of my guns (that I can) whenever they are not in a “use” state. That said, I still follow RULE 1 and personally clear them myself as soon as I touch one.


If you are like me, you handle guns a lot. That means we are the people who become too familiar with them and are more likely to make a mistake. Constantly remind yourself of these safety rules and never become too familiar that you violate them. We hope this helps.

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  • Sade says:

    I was THAT girl at an IDPA match. I was DQd and rightly so. That shot was down range… and scared the crap out of me and the Range Safety Officer. I take the responsibility, but he shared the blame. It was his job to ensure the gun was cleared. So two of us missed this. It happens.

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