Don’t Sign Up for the NRA…

I know… I know… Your a GUN and gear blog and you are saying not to sign up for the NRA?


Well right now that comes with a caveat… Listen carefully before you blow your main artery dear gun lover.

Don’t sign up for the NRA at one of those local “sign up” campaigns (like the one I did at Cabela’s). Basically you get screwed. I have been waiting for over a month now and the rep who ran the campaign has not sent in the information.

Oh and I signed up to be a lifetime member. Go figure!

When I called the NRA call center to ask what was going on, the callous response I got all the way from a supervisor (John Kasler) was that it was tough cookies – I just had to wait until the rep decided to send them in.

So you want my money Mr NRA… And you think that type of attitude is going make me want to give it to you?

Readers stand by… While the NRA maybe one of the best gun advocacy groups around, I may be saying (soon) if this does not get resolved – to literally not join the NRA. I am still a gun lover and advocate, but I don’t accept bad, sucky business – especially “beggar businesses” like the NRA…

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