Glock Gen 5 Rumors & Facts

I love new firearms! I love them because they often lead to unique surprises in pistol/rifle/shotgun domains. Equally, I love them because they lead to so many rumors and inaccuracies in the early days of the releases. This is the case with the Glock Gen 5 release.

Prior to our full and thorough write-up and review of this pistol series, we wanted to clear up some of these inaccuracies that are being reported.

Glock Gen 5

Glock Gen 5, 9mm, Handgun, Pistol

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After reading several early reviews and those that coming out in recent weeks, we have identified some inaccuracies that we want to put to rest. Here are claims that we have noted some authors to be reporting and the best “truths” that we can find:

No Plans for 40 (or other) Gen 5

In several articles, we have seen statements indicating that there are no plans for a 40 S&W (and other calibers and frame/gun styles). We have scoured Glock’s site and press releases and can find no reference or any substance to this claim. Some sites like “The Firearms Blog” are running bets on when each style will come out. Historically, Glock trickles out new generation releases. They have never dumped a complete portfolio of their guns in a new generation into one big release. In fact, since the whole Glock Gen 5 release is based on the FBI M pistol variation and a LOT of LEOs run 40’s, I suspect the core calibers will follow in subsequent releases. If any of our readers can provide specific references to the contrary (Glock sourced), then please send us an email.


What is it? I have read that this 4 letter acronym means “nano diamond like coating”, “nitride diamond like coating”, “n diamond like carbon”, as well as some others not worth reporting. The “truth” is that NO ONE KNOWS. Like Gustav Glock has done with many of his compositions, these are the secrets that Glock keeps. I would take a bet that the “diamond like carbon” part is probably the more accurate as that is an industry term and a known composition.

Glock Gen 5, 9mm, Handgun, Pistol

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Marksman Barrel Uses Standard Rifling

This one is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I have read some very well-known authors, big-time magazines and sites that report Glock Gen 5 is dropping the polygonal rifling and using a standard rifling with the Gen 5 (Shooters Log/Bob Campbell, Guns America, Firearms Blog, The Truth About Guns…. many more). This is a complete misunderstanding. Glock does say in their releases that the barrel has “new rifling”. It does NOT say it is non-polygonal. If you go to the specs pages for the Gen 4 and Gen 5 they both list the barrel as “hexagonal” (polygonal).

Well, we hope this helps clear up some of the mistakes that are being reported on this new Glock pistol. As we find others, we will add them to the list. We hope this helps our readers.

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