Glock-ology 201: Full Frame Disassembly/Assembly 1


Welcome to the “Glock-ology” series. This is the 201 sequence where we begin to discuss advanced gunsmithing topics related to the Glock pistol. We provide this information for those owners who want to DIY to customize Glocks.

In this video, we “fully” disassemble and assemble the lower/frame of a Glock pistol. We quote “fully” because we will not disassemble the slide lock lever mechanism, nor the magazine release mechanism. We will save these areas for more specific videos.

Legal Disclaimer and Warning

We provide you with this information for use at your own risk. Your pistol can (possibly) be rendered inoperable or be caused to malfunction if these steps are done incorrectly, out of sequence or should other issues arise (issues that you may not be aware of, due to a possible lack in your skill level). You could end up with a pistol in parts or locked in a completely “broken” state.

Process & Nomenclature


  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded and safe.
  2. Remove the slide assembly.
  3. Steps for frame pin removal:
    1. Remember to punch out from left side
    2. Backstrap pin (or trigger pin) first
    3. Top pin (locking block pin) next
    4. Lower pin (trigger housing pin) last – the trigger pin
    5. Remove the slide stop lever (if it does not fall out with removal of trigger pin)
  4. Take the punch and lift up the locking block and remove.
  5. Lift up on the ejector (part of trigger) and remove the entire trigger assembly.
  6. The trigger bar can be removed from the trigger mechanism by turning it left/right in the slot and releasing it from the captured region.
  7. Once the trigger bar is un-captured from the trigger mechanism, the trigger spring can be removed (memorize the “S” direction).
  8. The connector can be removed by pushing a punch through the slot in the trigger mechanism on the opposite side.

Note:  The removal of the slide lock and the magazine release assembly are for other episodes.


  1. Assemble the assembly.
    1. Put the connector in the slot.
    2. Hook the trigger spring correctly to the trigger mechanism and trigger bar.
    3. Re-capture the trigger bar in the trigger mechanism slot.
  2. Slide the entire trigger assembly back into the frame, trigger the shoe into the frame trigger shoe slot, then push the trigger mechanism portion into its proper location.
  3. Slide the locking block into its slot in the frame.
  4. Steps for pin insertion:
    1. Replace the pins from the right side of the gun.
    2. Put the backstrap pin (trigger pin) in first.
    3. Put the locking block pin (upper pin) in second.
    4. Slide the lock lever into place and align with the trigger housing pin hole.
    5. Put the trigger house pin back in place – jiggling/moving the slide lock lever up and down is necessary (normally).

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