Glock-ology 201: Slide Disassembly and Assembly

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Welcome to the “Glock-ology” series. This is the 201 sequence where we begin to discuss advanced gunsmithing topics related to the Glock pistol. We provide this information for those owners who want to DIY to customize Glocks.

In this video, we “fully” disassemble and assemble the slide of a Glock pistol. This disassembly and assembly knowledge will round out your “abilities” when customizing Glock pistols in order to suit most of your needs.

Legal Disclaimer and Warning

We provide you with this information for use at your own risk. Your pistol can (possibly) be rendered inoperable or be caused to malfunction if these steps are done incorrectly, out of sequence or should other issues arise (issues that you may not be aware of, due to a possible lack of your skill level). You could end up with a pistol in parts or locked in a completely “broken” state.

We always love feedback. Please feel free to comment in the comment field below or contact us on our contact page and let us know what you think.

Process & Nomenclature


  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded and safe.
  2. Remove the slide assembly.
  3. Remove the recoil spring assembly.
  4. Remove the barrel.
  5. Remove the slide cover plate. You need to push down on the spring cups to take the pressure off of the slide cover plate. Keep your thumb over the back of the slide as you push off the slide cover.
  6. Once the slide cover plate is off, flip the slide over and the striker assembly should slide out. If it does not slide out, you can push it out.
  7. Pull out the extractor depressor.
  8. To disassemble the striker assembly, you need to push down on one spring cup and take the pressure off of the other. Remove the spring cup, then the first one that you put pressure on should come out as well.
  9. To remove the extractor and the firing pin safety:
    1. Ensure the extractor depressor has been removed.
    2. Push down on the firing pin safety to remove any pressure off of the extractor.
    3. Shake or push out the extractor.
    4. The firing pin safety should fall out.


  1. Install the extractor:
    1. Put the firing pin safety and spring into place.
    2. Fully depress the firing pin safety.
    3. Slide-in the extractor.
    4. Release the pressure off of the firing pin safety.
  2. Assemble the striker assembly:  place the slide spacer sleeve, the striker spring and the spring cups back on the striker (the cups are tricky, so watch the video).
  3. Slide the striker assembly back into the slide.
  4. Slide the extractor depressor back into the slide (re-assemble if you took it apart).
  5. Push down on the striker assembly to get the slide cover plate started, then push the extractor depressor (if necessary).
  6. Insert the barrel locking lug to the inside.
  7. Put the recoil spring into place.
  8. Reassemble the slide to the frame.

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