Happy 4th of July from TheGaGG.com

It’s the 4th of July, 2017…Fireworks and cook outs, trips to beaches and family/friend get-togethers.    

In all of the celebration, let us not forget the reason behind this celebration. Our national independence. While this day was founded based on the “day” of our Declaration of Independence – that was merely the document declaring our intentions. Were it not for the commitment and ability of the populace to live through the period of the Revolutionary War, that independence would not have happened – our great democratic republic would not have existed.

We have addressed this populaces “self-reliance” and wilderness mastery “abilities” in our 4th of July article over at WildernessMaster.com, but equally key in the “abilities” that were required to win our independence was that of being armed and able to make arms. This “ability” stood out so much that even the Founding Fathers recognized it uniquely when forming the Constitution in the 2nd Amendment.

At TheGaGG.com, we celebrate every day this ability and promote the safe use and fun of all sorts of firearms. We do so with a specific intent to ensure that this great country retains this ability in defense of our freedoms.

So, join me in celebrating this year’s 4th of July. Happy 4th from TheGaGG.com

Team TheGaGG.com

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