Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day… One of those holidays that some president decided to make to cater to some group that elected him into office. How far our leaders have come, trying to bribe their constituents with such trivial long weekends. Oh wait, no, they still do such foolishness and even worse.

I think we need to make a national holiday “Stop Pandering Day” where politicians have to stop with all of this foolishness – for just 1 day!

Wait..the government would probably crumble.

If you are like me, Labor Day means the range days are no longer the scorching hot labors they used to be. More gun time is coming with less pain. Woo hoo! I love this season! For me, this means more gun time and more hunting time – more gun time since the heat is not so oppressive.

So, Happy “More Gun Time Starts” Day (aka Labor Day) from TheGaGG.com!

Your Gun and Gear Guy…

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