Happy New Year – 2016!! What’s coming at thegagg.com

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The crew behind thegagg.com wanted to first and foremost thank each of you who have participated in our first two years, and particularly in this past year – a HUGE thank you. It has been a typical, but rocky start as most blogs experience. Lot’s of lessons learned and growth opportunities.

Most importantly we want to share with you some of the exciting things in store for you this coming year (2016). Some of the articles headed your way include:

  • Reviews of gun components, camping gear, outdoor clothing, and manufacturer/vendor services.
  • Cook-offs (side by side evaluations) to include: 1-6x (under $400) scopes, AR calibers (no caliber wars), and others.
  • More excursions: Montana Hunt 2016 (mule deer and antelope), Montana Fly Fishing 2016…
  • More AR-Fu, new 1911-Zen, and some guest contributions from experts in the gun/shooting field.
  • New “How To’s”, “Field Wisdom”, and other educational resources

This year as we want to make some organic growth leaps. Our goals in bringing to you a better product include:

  • More frequent and consistent content. Our goal for the start of the year is to have an article to you every 2 weeks, our stretch goal by the end of the year is to have 2 articles a week.
  • Diversity of articles. We know that a lot of thegagg.com has been devoted to guns and hunting. Its a core of who we are, but this year we want to expand further into fishing, and general outdoor experiences.
  • Guests, experts, and editorial/opinion pieces. We plan in extending our content providers to provide you a wider, and richer set of content providers.

Running a blog, a good blog is a daunting task replete with a lot of “experiences”. In fact you can view it as the most intense excursion of one’s life. To accomplish our goals for 2016 we want to encourage several things from our readership:

  • Help us grow our readership. Make us viral. Repost our links in your social media; Suggest us to friends and family; Encourage and help grow our readership.
  • Help us grow our sponsorship. Its expensive to run a blog. Its really expensive to run a blog like this. A “gun build” that brings to you the reader knowledge, experience, recommendations, and reviews costs big bucks in just parts… Not to mention time. As we build readership, vendors and manufacturers will “give” us more – but as we grow that is not the case. Help us find sponsors for our efforts – spread the word; suggest paths or open doors for us.
  • Engage us back. We encourage you to comment on our posts. Our comments are always moderated – to avoid flame wars, spam and bad will – but we encourage healthy dialog.

Our focus is on bringing a quality product to our readership. We encourage and seek any feedback from you, our audience, and ask if you have input to please provide it (via comments or our contact page).

We are excited about 2016 and hope you are too! Let’s make this an awesome year at thegagg.com

Chief GAGG

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