Heather Mitchell

Heather Mitchell is the Editor, and Keeper of the (proper) site tone and demeanor at TheGaGG.com. She holds the same roles at WildernessMaster.com. By day, she is a member of an elite SWAT team as a chief breacher and demolitions expert. She gets to blow things up and break things down for a living.

Did you really think that was true? Just joking!

Heather has worked in sales and currently isĀ in a finance/contract role with a major university. She is a lover of the outdoors and is excited about learning to shoot. Being a girl from the country, she has been around guns most of her life – she just has never had a chance to use them much.

At TheGaGG.com, Heather ensures that the written works are grammatically correct and matches the tone and demeanor we strive for at TheGaGG.com. She, also, helps out with a good bit of the operational aspects of the “business”.