Become a part of History – Make the 277 Wolverine a standard!!


As you know, we have been a big fan and supporter of the wildcat 277 Wolverine round. If you need any of the details on this round, you can check out our article here or listen to our podcast with Mark Kexel here.

You have a chance to be part of history. You can help turn a wildcat cartridge like the 277 Wolverine into a mainstream commercial round. Mark has undertaken the daunting task of pursuing standardization of the round by SAAMI. This is not cheap and he has started an Indiegogo funding campaign to help fund the effort.

FOLKS THIS IS NOT A CHEAP EFFORT! 250,000 pieces of head stamped brass, roughly costing $100,000, has to be presented to SAAMI to initiate this effort.

This is history. This will be one of the first times a group of individuals, not Remington, Winchester, or etc… has made this happen in the AR world.

Here is the Indiegogo link for readers!

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