Help!! Help Bigfoot find shoes…

Yep, you read the title correct – Bigfoot. He was spotted in my home…

Readers, I am facing a huge dilemma. I am Bigfoot. Well apparently so, since having spent 4 months now trying to find a good tactical shoe (low-cut boot) to wear during shooting has been a debacle. From my efforts, it appears most vendors are only making shoes for skinny, narrow feet.

Unfortunately, I was blessed with wide, fat, long feet and fairly long toes (from what my orthopedist indicates). Given this fact, finding a good vendor product that supports my feet without the pain of literally stretching a narrow shoe out has been a complete no-go.

If any of the readers of the site have this blessing as well, and have found a good tactical shoe vendor that supports wide width feet….please, please leave your commentary below.

No Bigfoot sniping!!

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