In my youth, I mistook Memorial Day as just a day “off”.  As I have grown older, as well as having met so many true heroes who have served our country with such honor and courage, my view of this day is one of sanctity and respect. In the hubbub of our planning for this holiday weekend and traveling or spending time with others, let us not forget what this day is all about.

It is about remembering those who have come before us. Not everyone, but the ones who put their blood and bone in harm’s way to ensure that you could be taking these holiday trips. It is about remembering the honorable service men and women (both dead and alive) who have tirelessly given, for what is a pittance relative to the risks they take, to make sure we are all safe every day and night.

It is about remembering those who did not come home from wars declared and fights, otherwise, required in order to protect us.

As part of this day, I would like to give special consideration to those service members who serve in our Special Operations. These folks, as well as their families, dedicate their lives in a way that most can not even imagine. They are asked to risk their lives, often daily, in places you never know or hear about and are truly the front lines in our defense.

Please say a prayer today for these service members and their families. Brothers (and sisters), you are not forgotten.  While much of what you do can never be told, we know you are doing it and we thank our God that you do.

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