[Gun Salute Sounds] [Maybe Trumpet Too] [Some Angels Singing Joy to the World?]

Merry Christmas 2017 from TheGaGG.com. It has arrived!  That special time each year where we all share time with those we love and celebrate our traditions. Santa has made his rounds and we hope he has left some Gun Bunny gear for you.

This year is a special one for me… It marks a change in my family for it is my last year with a “child” in my home. After this one, my “kids” are all adults. As I enjoy this last time with children, I am reminiscing about all of the years of late nights putting toys together, waking up early to kids excited about what Santa brought them and the long Christmas days of family (after the long night)!

Courtesy of history.com

I will miss it.

The upside now…I get to buy “big boy” toys for my sons. And that sometimes includes guns and gun gear.

Woo hoo…

Whether you are like me and enjoying a Christmas of finality and change, like the past where I was busy with kids or maybe like the future where I will be busy with grand kids one day… It is precious to spend time with those you love. Enjoy it. Relish in it.

And on December 26th, go shooting!

Merry Christmas 2017 with the warmest season wishes from Team TheGaGG.com

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