New Contributor Aaron Sands – Welcome and Introduction!


We want to announce and introduce a new contributor here at… Aaron Sands. Aaron Sands is an alias – the real person behind the alias is an active duty marine soldier [editor’s note: I apologize to all marines who are offended by the generic usage of soldier :)] who would like to remain anonymous for now. We fully understand why, and personally know and have vetted this individual with his background and knowledge.

Aaron is an active duty Marine previously serving as part of the FAST (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Teams) unit. He is an avid shooter who has started moving beyond basic gun training into several of the military and civilian advanced gun knowledge paths. He loves to build and tinker with guns, as well as shoot using many gun shooting styles. I don’t want to redo his bio here, so please go read about him here.

Initially, Aaron will contribute articles geared towards military oriented gun shooting programs, styles, etc. Later, he will branch out into some of his novel knowledge with his civilian gun/gunsmithing skills development.


Here at, we are all excited about his participation and want to welcome him onboard. Please join us!

Welcome, Aaron Sands!

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