NRA Article – How to Win the Mental Game of Shooting

Kaite Martin wrote an article for the NRA online site regarding the mental game of shooting. Many of these types of articles get written every year. This one is the closest to the “mental game” that we learned in Special Forces.

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Chief among the points she brings out include:

  • realization that no one is ever on top all of the time
  • there are always better shooters, no matter how good you are
  • panic prolongs the dips, putting on your big-boy (or girl) pants and working your way back to the top shortens them
  • going “back to the basics” can help, both, pull one out of the dips and avoid them.

Regardless of the shooting sport(s) that you enjoy and the level of activity, you will have a “fall”/”stumble”/”dry spell”/”valley” – whatever you want to call it. It is good to remember in these times that these are not really negative, but rather opportunities to grow.

Keep shooting and keep the faith! The full article can be read here.

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