Online Shooting Tools – Hodgdon Pistol Load Data

During our recent 40 S&W competition load work-up, we ran across this site from Hodgdon. It is a wonderful site if you use Hodgdon, IMR or Winchester powders. While this site does not provide an exhaustive reference like typical book references do, it does give you some good start/max starting points to get your reloading activities going.

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This is the Hodgdon tool after I entered my 40 S&W data.

One of the things I like about this site (unlike some others) is that it is a simple, drop-down list with a 4 step process. When I first started reloading, many online tools would ask questions that I often did not know. This is not the case with the Hodgdon tool. Basically, you pick the cartridge, bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type.  Actually, it could just be a 3 step process where the final step is just a longer list.  But, I appreciate the fact that Hodgdon put the time in to make it easier for you.

We have provided an example of what the tool looks like. We put our 40 S&W load data in and got our results for Titegroup powder. You can find the tool here.


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