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Jim’s Gems #2 – Selecting a Defensive Caliber 1

Welcome to Jim's Gem's #2, in this months column Jim talks about defensive caliber and he explains in detail the criteria he uses when deciding which caliber to choose for self defense, this is an informative and in depth article that will help you in choosing the perfect defensive caliber for yourself!

Gun with Ammo

Rev GaGG Rants (RGR) – The Myth of Stopping Power

I am sorry for this my faithful audience, but I must go on a RANT! Reverend Gun and Gear Guy debunks the myth of "Stopping Power". Recently, I have run across scores of articles (by knowledgeable gun peeps) and questions about, well stopping power!! Why? Why do we keep this myth alive. Join me in a memorial service for the Myth of Stopping Power...

Steals and Deals – Gunsmithing Tools

Check out our Steals and Deals. This is one for you DIY'ers or beginning gunsmiths. Wheeler gunsmith tools are discounted at 10% off. Don't miss this one!

Steals and Deals: Glock Magazines

Need some Glock Magazines? We have a steals and deals for you! Check out this sale with 30% off! Pick up a couple of extras as spares for your favorite model.

Improving Shooting skills for USPSA

Journey to USPSA Regionals: The Heat is Killing My Shooting Skills, or Is It?

Welcome to "Journey to USPSA Regionals". This is my personal journal related to my training and competition activities on my journey to train-up in order to compete at a USPSA regional. Wow this hot weather is killing my shooting, or is it? I found shooting during the hot weather can be a training technique. Check it out!