Answers…: Volume 7

Welcome back once again to " Answers...". This week's discussions are about pistol shooting, caliber wars and stopping power! These are great questions this week, so do not miss this article!

Glock G43

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #11

Welcome to our regular podcast, "Guns Smoking, Brass Flying". This is GSBF #11. In this episode, we discuss "Gunslinger Academy", my upcoming Montana hunt, changes in gun pricing and why the Glock is my gun of choice. Don't miss this episode!

firearms safety

Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson – Quarterly Firearms Safety Chat

Welcome to our periodic (probably quarterly) firearms safety chat! Look folks, we handle guns a lot! Given that means we ARE the most likely to violate firearms safety and/or have some incident. Thus, we need to be the ones constantly reminding ourselves and others about firearms safety. At, we want to constantly promote firearms safety. Read inside and watch our engaging video... It is everyone's responsibility.

shooting, defensive gun, backup Answers…: Volume 6

In this volume of " Answers...", it is all about the first time gun buyer. We talk about rifles and handguns, and what you need to know about caliber and in choosing the best firearm for you! Read all about it! This is a great article!

Remington Ju-Ju, Model 700: 101 Orientation and Nomenclature

Welcome to our "Remington Ju-Ju 101" series. In this training, we provide you with a general orientation to the Remington Model 700 product and go over the basic nomenclature of the system. This foundation will be important to accompany all of the other training we provide in order to allow you to "speak" the same language we are speaking. Don't miss this!