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Jim’s Gems #9 – Shooting .22’s at 100 Yards

Welcome to Jim’s Gems #9… In this article Jim picks up his old favorite the 22 caliber rifle and renews his love of this tiny round. He does some in depth research on accuracy, even going historical and reviewing his findings with previous authors. Finally there is a bet on the line with one of Jim’s buddies… Let’s see who wins!

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USMC Pistol Qualification – Training and Related Gear

Shocking as it may sound, Marines who can hit a target at 500 (m) with a rifle often can’t hit a man-sized target at 15 (m) with a pistol.  Only within the past 4 years has the Marine Corps buckled down on its pistol training and created the Combat Pistol Program (CPP)  – the subject of this article.

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New Contributor Aaron Sands – Welcome and Introduction!

We want to announce and introduce a new contributor here at… Aaron Sands. Aaron Sands is an alias – the real person behind the alias is an active duty soldier who would like to remain anonymous for now. We fully understand why, and personally know and have vetted this individual with his background and knowledge. Welcome Aaron Sands!

Jim’s Gem #8 – My Road to “Gun Jim”

Jim shares his path to where he is now as a shooter, gunsmith and instructor. He pays homage to those along the way who have contributed to his growth. In sharing this he hopes he inspires others to share their gun knowledge to others – hopefully creating a future “Jim”. This is a special tribute from Jim’s heart (if he has one 🙂 )…

Welcome to 3.0 – Finally!!

Welcome to version 3.0 of!! What a journey it has been. I have to say, in spite of the time it has taken, I believe you will be more than surprised and pleased with the results!! Go enjoy the new site… there will be more to come with our growth and evolution.

Jim’s Gems #7 – Defensive Handgun Modifications and Enhancements

Welcome to Jim’s Gems #7! For the final article in our series on defensive handguns, Jim will cover some minor modifications and enhancements to help us use our handguns more effectively.  Almost everyone likes the “new and improved” version of something, even all of us concealed carry shooters.  Since we are no different, I wanted to share some improvements I have discovered that will improve your defensive handgun without sacrificing its reliability. More so, without getting you into a bind if you ever have to use your handgun!

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #15: SHOT Show 2018 Wrap-Up!

Welcome to the “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying” podcast channel, brought to you by This is GSBF #15. This episode is a review and wrap-up of the SHOT Show 2018. Well, sit back and put your eye covers on, you will probably fall asleep. There are some interesting things in this year’s SHOT Show, but quite frankly it was ho-hum. Listen to the podcast as we discuss.

Reloading Trays

Online Shooting Tools – Hodgdon Pistol Load Data

Reloading requires using a lot of reference data. We know this and want to constantly share with you the tools we find that can help you with such reference data. If you are like me, then you have several book shelves full of reloading references. Finding online tools to reduce that footprint is always a bonus. In this case, we share with you a wonderful reloading tool if you use Hodgdon powders.

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #14 – Rev GaGG Rants

Welcome to our podcast channel, “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying”. This is GSBF #14. This podcast launches a new series called “GaGG’ing”. is all about being a Gun and Gear Guy (or Gal). We talk about and share the intimate life secrets of a person who is all about guns and gun gear. Come join us on this new journey. Do not miss this episode!

holster, carry, conceal, pistol Article – Using the Bathroom with a Conceal Carry Handgun

This article comes from Talk about potty humor… Wow, this article was a mind reader. I recently was contemplating this same issue. We plan on writing a more thorough article and video series on the topic of conceal carry and the variant scenarios you run into. Here’s a good starter for you…