AR-Fu: A Tale of 3 Magazine Releases

AR-15 magazine release buttons are often overlooked improvements in gun builds. In this post. we review 3 variations in this component, including the standard button. Find out what we decide. By the way, we find one product that is defective!

Welcome to TheGaGG.com 2.0

Welcome to TheGaGG.com 2.0!

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Welcome back! Exciting things are coming as we are preparing to re-launch TheGaGG.com 2.0!

Don’t Sign Up for the NRA…

I know… I know… You are a gun and gear blog and you are saying not to sign up for the NRA?

Gun-ology: The Myth of the Longer Barrel

There is a myth in the gun world that a longer barrel = more accuracy. While there is an element of truth to that, it is not what is propagated as accurate knowledge. The truths behind longer barrels and accuracy are “busted” and the truth is revealed. No longer do you have to burden your hunt with a long barrel gun!

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The crew behind thegagg.com wanted to first and foremost thank each of you who have…

Gun Review – Tikka T3 Lite

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Product Warning – Power Custom’s Oversized Magazine Release Button

In an upcoming article AR-Fu: A tale of 3 Magazine Releases, I reviewed the Power…

Obama Signs NDAA – CMP Will Get 100,000 1911 Pistols

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is going to get 100,000 1911 pistols. Article here Obama Signs…

4.5 Gaggs to Wilson Combat Customer Service

Over the course of several gun builds I have purchase high and low end products from…