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Jim’s Gems #4 – My Year with an AK-47

It is Jim’s Gems time! This is “Jim’s Gem #4”. Jim takes a slight departure from his defensive pistol focus to talk about his time with the venerable AK-47. Read as Jim conveys his year with an AK-47. From a disappointing start to a rather surprising set of results, Jim shares his Soviet Bloc firearms odyssey with you, our reader.

To Our Veterans

We want to recognize the service in all capacities of our former and current service persons. On this Veteran’s Day, we want to thank you and we honor your service. Due to their service, many veteran’s find solace in shooting sports.

Glock Gen 5 Rumors & Facts

As many of you know, the Glock Generation 5 pistols have been released. With this release has come a lot of confusion and inaccuracies that are being reported. We want to clear up some of these rumors prior to our full and thorough write-up and review that we will do on this series.

“Check Your 6”: Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2017 from TheGaGG.com. Halloween is a celebration of evil spirits (not the good type) and deadly sugar. We hope you celebrate safely and with a lot of gusto here at TheGaGG.com. Read the article for some treats.

FBI Chooses Hornady Critical Duty Ammo

Looks like Hornady has won the FBI contract for duty pistol ammunition. Check out the article for the link to the “Shooting Illustrated” article and the specifications, as well as my own carry recommendations.

TheGaGG.com Answers…: Volume 8

Welcome to Volume 8 of “TheGaGG.com Answers…”. This week we answer questions about Special Forces training and grenades! These are great questions, so do not miss this one!

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #12

Welcome to our regular podcast, “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying”. This is GSBF #12. We talk about all things guns. In this episode, we have some special bitchin’ and whinin’ (B&W going forward) about scopes and scope makers; I have a never ever again; and we discuss our changes to our website and the”Journey To…” series. Don’t miss this episode.

We Need More Gun Control Control – The 2nd Amendment, Part 1

Welcome to our mini-series, “We Need More Gun Control Control…”. No we have not lost our minds. Read carefully. This mini-series is a set of articles about the background, facts and fallacies supporting the gun control debate. I am not rehashing some previous statements or positions, in fact this is an in-depth plunge into the world of gun control. In this part of the mini-series, we plunge hip deep into the 2nd Amendment, not just restating it, but going a lot deeper as well as putting the facts straight on the “thinking” at the time. You will be shocked at some of the discoveries we make. Read this and be armed with your second weapon in life.

BtS @ TheGaGG.com-Much Better Now

Welcome to our regular series, “BtS (Behind the Scenes) @ TheGaGG.com”. It is a behind the scenes look at what goes on in my life (as the founder of TheGaGG.com), with our operations, people, etc. We hope this gives you an idea of what is happening and what it takes to deliver our content to you, our audience. In this episode, we talk about the backlog of gun parts, backlog of builds and how I got caught with my (scope) pants down.

Reloading Trays

Reloading 101 – Basic Reloading Process and Steps

Welcome to our “Reloading 101” series where we will teach you the basics of reloading. Reloading… That thing that only true “gun nuts” do, right? Wrong! Reloading is a great skill to have at any level of shooting you may be or be involved in. Even if you are just a casual shooter, doing so related to an activity like hunting, reloading will greatly advance your abilities to use your weapon in a more meaningful manner. In this article, we present the overall basic process of reloading and give a survey of each specific step.