Product Review – Training Aids: MantisX

Pistol training is hard work. Range time can be costly, require travel and sometimes is at the whim of the weather gods. Dry-fire training is critical to the development of any pistol shooter. In this article, we review the MantisX pistol training aid. I think you are going to be surprised at what we find!

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TheGaGG.com Answers…: Volume 3

Welcome to Volume 3 of “TheGaGG.com Answers…”. In this article, we answer questions about shotguns used for quail hunting and the “best” scope to use for long range rifles.


Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #9

Welcome to our regular podcast, “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying”. This is GSBF #9. In this episode we discuss Gun safety, Recent outings with rifles (300 BLK and223/5.56), Skopecam and “Caliber Wars” –  9mm vs. 45 ACP (audio Redux)

Caliber Wars – 9mm vs 45 ACP: Who Wins?

Recently, I was answering a question on Quora about “which is better, the 9mm or 45 ACP”? These types of questions pop up often in various ways. I am starting a series called “Caliber Wars”. This is not to start caliber wars, but to put to rest some myths, biases and mistakes often discussed when these questions are asked. Two facts: 1) any bullet can kill 2) every shooter has biases. Enjoy the “Caliber Wars” series!

Buyer Beware: Naughty, Naughty Aero Precision

Welcome to “Buyer Beware”. As with some of our other consumer series, like “Steals and Deals”, we want to keep our readers informed of trends with vendors that will/may affect them. In this article, we call out what appears to be a misleading marketing practice made by Aero Precision. I am a free-market kind of guy, so any company can do what they want. But, as a consumer, this practice seems a bit icky! Buyer beware!!

Defensive Caliber Choices

TheGaGG.com Answers…: Volume 2

In this week’s volume of “TheGaGG.com Answers…”, we address questions about the best handgun to use for hunting, as well as choosing the best rifle for elk hunting. Don’t miss this one!

What’s Coming @ TheGaGG.com

Welcome to “What’s Coming @ TheGaGG.com” series. This will be a regular series where we will give you a glimpse of the future changes and content coming up at TheGaGG.com. Our site is growing by leaps and bounds with new looks and feels, new series, new gunsmithing academies. We have provided dates for upcoming topics and series here at “What’s Coming” and we hope this helps you to plan your reading future with us!

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Remington Ju-Ju 101, Model 700: Gross Parts Breakdown

Welcome to our “Remington Ju-Ju 101” Series! In this series, we teach you basic ownership skills for working with Remington firearms. Specifically, this is the Model 700 sub-series where we focus on the Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle. In this video, we will give the basic parts breakdown and gross parts nomenclature language you need to work with the Remington 700.

TheGaGG.com Answers…: Volume 1

Welcome to “TheGaGG.com Answers…”. This series is where we summarize and present answers to the questions that we are asked from various media sources. We plan on presenting this series to you regularly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so check back for this series. For those of your who do not already know, we have a very strong presence on Quora.com (https://www.quora.com/profile/Gun-and-Gear-Guy). Check us out!

Gun with Ammo

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #8

Welcome to our regular podcast, “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying”. This is GSBF #8. Don’t miss this episode.