Video Blog – Glock-ology 101: Basic Cleaning

In this video, we will demonstrate the basic cleaning of the Glock pistol. Basic cleaning is a skill needed by all Glock owners to ensure the safety and reliability of the Glock pistol. Many think that cleaning a Glock pistol requires a lot of effort  – we will show you the techniques to reveal that this is not the case for the basic cleaning of a Glock.

Breaking News: Rock Island Teases SF9?

Rock Island Armory teased the product community with the release of a new pistol yesterday. Check out more details on it in this article. Why not name it something cool?

Steals and Deals: DIY Glock

This is a steal!! If you have wanted to DIY Glock this is one for you. If you have wanted to try a more of a 1911’ish base for a Glock, this is a deal for you. Check it out…

AR-15 scope cloesup

AR-Fu: DIY Upgrades

Welcome to the “AR-Fu” series. In this series, we will educate you on all things AR. This article provides you with some low-gunsmithing-skill upgrades that you can do to improve your AR today.

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day is a sacred day in which to honor the lives of all the warriors who have served our great nation. Please take a moment and read our brief note on our sentiments for this day. Also, please take some time today and honor those lives.

Pistol Training Techniques – 700 Point Aggregate

Our “Pistol Training Techniques” series provides discrete and valuable training regimens, tips and techniques to improve your pistol shooting. Each technique is a proven training element used by our shooters or provided by professional shooters who use these techniques themselves. In this “Pistol Training Techniques” article, we present and discuss the 700 Point Aggregate training course of fire.

Video Blog – A Review of Under $500 1-x Scopes

In this video, we review 4, 1-x (1-4, 1-6) sub $500 scopes. There are now decent quality sub $500 1-4 and 1-6 scopes that are available. Our review is not exhaustive nor detailed on each scope, but more of a general findings and relative comparison review. Future reviews will detail specific findings made for each scope.

Range Day

This past weekend, we had a “range day”. A day where we took time to help keep the range clean and serviceable. We shoot at this private range frequently and feel it is a gift to do so. Therefore, we did not hesitate when the range owner needed some help. Ranges are expensive propositions that require extensive upkeep – you should consider helping out at yours too! #shootingrange #rangeday

Journey to USPSA Regionals: My Best Worst Day of Shooting

Welcome to “Journey to USPSA Regionals”, my competition training journal. This is an entry into my USPSA train-up where I shoot at a Zombie Shooter Association match – I have the worst, and what appeared to be a “rookie mistake”, day of shooting that turned into my best epiphany day of shooting. Here is my entry…

Podcast – Guns Smoking, Brass Flying #4

In this episode of “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying”, we wrap up our experience where we attended the NRA 2017 Convention in Atlanta, GA. Wow folks, what an awesome convention!