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Welcome to “ Answers…” series. In this series, we present answers to the questions that we are asked from various media sources. Some of these questions may become longer articles that we will provide a more thorough answer to at a later time.

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Quora Question #1: What is the best handgun for hunting? 

45 Long Colt


The 45 Long Colt. Personally, the Ruger Bisley Redhawk models are a great buy. Do your own research, but the 45 Long Colt is more versatile when loading.  Though it has a lower recoil than the 44 Magnum, it ends up delivering more energy on the target. I have worked with 44 Magnums and they are hot and often hard to handle. The 45 Long Colt has a completely different feel.

Quora Question #2: What is the best rifle for elk hunting?


Simple answer:  the largest bore with the most magnum cartridge you can (reliably) shoot.

There is no 1 “great” or perfect elk rifle. Elk are amazing creatures to hunt. You can find them as close as 30 yards or at well beyond 1000 yards. When you do find one, and it is a great elk, you want to drop and anchor them. Anchoring is a term used to have the animal drop dead where you shoot them.

Why anchor? Well, in a lot of terrains where you will hunt them, if they get a chance to run off, they will.  Even running off at as few as a 100 yards, you may not be able to get to them (or get them out).

Montana Elk Hunting 2015

Big bore, more magnum calibers (generally) do the “drop” better on large, thick bodied game like elk. That said, many people reliably kill elk with what many people would consider “not an elk” caliber.

Hunting any large game is about shot placement and using the proper bullet (that provides the right depth of penetration and expansion). There are numerous discussions and articles we have regarding this at

For instance, in our interview with 3x Olympian, Lanny Barnes, she hunts with a 270 – this is something many “hardcore” elk hunters would shy away from using. But, she knows how to get the right shot! You can find that interview here.


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