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Quora Question #1: What should I consider before getting a handgun if I am a starter? 


This is the procedure that I tell “wanna be” gun owners:

  1. Take an NRA basic pistol course. A lot of them are held at ranges where you can rent a 9mm – I recommend starting with a 9mm.NRA Logo
  2. Spend some follow-up time shooting with some rental guns.
  3. Go to a gun show and handle every gun that you can imagine, especially in the caliber that you plan on owning. Find the one that fits your hand the best.
  4. Do your research on those guns and decide which one meets the criteria that you want (size, weight, caliber, style…)
  5. Find a friend and go to a range where you can borrow/rent a gun and shoot at least 100 rounds through one – ensure that it “shoots” as good as it feels.
  6. Decide on one and then purchase.
  7. Follow-up with additional range time and training, continually familiarizing yourself with the gun until you are competent.
  8. Shoot your gun at least every “quarter” to maintain your shooting competence.

Here at, we have an entire category dedicated to “Basic Ownership Skills”.  You can find great information on a variety and wide range of topics.  Here are just a few:

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Quora Question#2: Can an AR-15 hit a man-size target consistently at 800m with a 5.56 ammo?


Since Jerry Miculek can hit a 1000 yard target with a 9mm pistol round, and knowing Jerry, I am fairly certain that he could reproduce it.

Photo courtesy of American Target Company

The short answer would be “yes”.

Is it a viable round at 800 m, that I would count on to hit targets at 800 m?…

The answer would be “hell no”.

In fact, many of the wildcat rounds and calibers you see in the AR-15 platform stemmed from the frustration of soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq (WOT).  The frustration was that they could see the enemy but could not reliably hit them.

Fundamentally, small and light bullets run into ballistic challenges over distance. That is why you see long distance shooters shoot something “bigger” (typically 30 caliber, 7mm, or 338 cal – don’t get me started with the 6.5 trends!!).

There is a huge difference in repeatably hitting a target and effectively hitting a target – both forms of consistency. Also, there is a big difference in hitting a target with value than just hitting a target. If you look at the 9mm/1000 yard video, it is pretty clear Jerry hits the still plate, yet it is clear that he does not hit the balloon. The splatter from the steel pops the balloon. Still, he “hit” the target. The effective of the hit is nominal and would not “kill” a target, well other than a balloon.


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