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Welcome to “ Answers…” series. In this series, we present answers to the questions that we are asked from various media sources. Some of these questions may become longer articles that we will provide a more thorough answer to at a later time.

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Quora Question #1: Do Concealed carriers carry with a round in the chamber? 


It depends… There is not just one carry style (nor should there be). I discuss parts of this topic (indirectly) in one of my earlier articles about “breaking in” a new gun to carry – you can read that article here.

Those hardcore “right to carry folks” seem to want to always say or think that if one does conceal carry, then you should always be locked and loaded.  Otherwise, what is the purpose?

Tactically trained shooters tend to understand the concept of threat levels and take a more “if it makes sense” approach.

Newbies will do either based on what they have been taught by their mentors.

Personally, I have been shot at and even shot (no worries, just a grazing wound). I have been in a lot of tactical scenarios and I am more of the “if it makes sense” approach. For instance, when I change to a new carry gun, while I am learning the gun and getting used to it, it does not make sense to carry “hot”. I risk a UD (unintentional discharge),  and unlike range UDs, CC UDs tend to hurt you or someone else. During that period, if I feel as though I am going to be in a higher than normal risk scenario, I will switch back to a “known” carry gun and carry the gun loaded.

It is really all about knowing and understanding risk.

BTW, I am not bashing “hardcore carry” folks… The guidance, as a nugget of wisdom, is good. Trust me, all of the “incidents” I have been in went from zero-to-hero in 2 secs (you have limited response time). So, generally they are correct, but in my opinion, holistically they are not.

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Quora Question #2: What’s better, a Glock 17, or an M1911? 


Glock G17, Streamlight TLR-1

What is better is to use the gun that you can shoot with more naturally and in the caliber that you can control.

What is better is relative.

I love 1911’s! But, from a reliability standpoint (unless you know how to keep them running), you may have a liability on your hand. On the other hand, a Glock 17 is indestructible and runs even if you do not put bullets in it (just joking).

Our newest contributor, who is a long-time law enforcement officer, a long-time tactical shooting expert and knows more about guns than God (I think), is writing an article on this very subject. It is probably the most thought out and thorough response to your question.

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