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Jim’s Gems #4 – My Year with an AK-47

It is Jim’s Gems time! This is “Jim’s Gem #4”. Jim takes a slight departure from his defensive pistol focus to talk about his time with the venerable AK-47. Read as Jim conveys his year with an AK-47. From a disappointing start to a rather surprising set of results, Jim shares his Soviet Bloc firearms odyssey with you, our reader.

Glock Gen 5 Rumors & Facts

As many of you know, the Glock Generation 5 pistols have been released. With this release has come a lot of confusion and inaccuracies that are being reported. We want to clear up some of these rumors prior to our full and thorough write-up and review that we will do on this series.

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Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson – Quarterly Firearms Safety Chat

Welcome to our periodic (probably quarterly) firearms safety chat! Look folks, we handle guns a lot! Given that means we ARE the most likely to violate firearms safety and/or have some incident. Thus, we need to be the ones constantly reminding ourselves and others about firearms safety. At, we want to constantly promote firearms safety. Read inside and watch our engaging video… It is everyone’s responsibility.

shooting, defensive gun, backup Answers…: Volume 6

In this volume of “ Answers…”, it is all about the first time gun buyer. We talk about rifles and handguns, and what you need to know about caliber and in choosing the best firearm for you! Read all about it! This is a great article!

Remington Ju-Ju, Model 700: 101 Orientation and Nomenclature

Welcome to our “Remington Ju-Ju 101” series. In this training, we provide you with a general orientation to the Remington Model 700 product and go over the basic nomenclature of the system. This foundation will be important to accompany all of the other training we provide in order to allow you to “speak” the same language we are speaking. Don’t miss this! Answers…: Volume 5

Welcome to Volume 5 of “ Answers…”. This week, we answer questions related to getting started with your first handgun and the accuracy of hitting a man-size target with an AR-15. There are great questions this week, so check us out!!

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Jim-s Gems #3 – Back-Up and “Small” Guns

Welcome back to Jim’s Gems! This article is all about choosing a smaller gun to use as a back-up weapon or for times when carrying a larger pistol may not be practical. We discuss accuracy, as well as caliber. Some great information is inside, so don’t miss it! Answers…: Volume 4

In this volume of “TheGagg Answers…”, we address questions about the 9mm vs. the 45 ACP, stopping power and 10mm ammunition, Don’t miss out on this great article!

Caliber Wars – 12 Gauge Shotgun For Home Defense

About a year ago, I got into a “Caliber War” on Facebook with a supposed “gun expert”. He was responding to some “gun naivete” who was asking about what would be the best home defense weapon (there home had been broken into), He proclaimed that a 12 gauge shotgun (or a shotgun in general) was the best home defense weapon. NOT! Let’s explore the myth and lore of this “Caliber War”…

loading shotgun Answers…: Volume 3

Welcome to Volume 3 of “ Answers…”. In this article, we answer questions about shotguns used for quail hunting and the “best” scope to use for long range rifles.