Welcome to TheGaGG.com 2.0

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Welcome to TheGaGG.com 2.0.

First and foremost, to those readers who have survived TheGaGG.com 1.0 and have continued to come back… We thank you sincerely. It has been a rough ride, we realize that fact. With TheGaGG.com 2.0, we hope to repay your loyalty with a quality product.

We will get to our history a bit more next, but let us be clear about the purpose and the goal of TheGaGG.com 2.0: This website is now and will be focused on Guns, Gun Gear (and related) and Shooting. We strive to bring you news, reviews, how-to’s and opinions that positively contribute to your “guns-manship” (or “guns-womanship”).

Whatever your skill level with guns or shooting, it is our focus and purpose to enhance your knowledge, skill and shooting enjoyment with the content we present.

History (a partial repost from WildernessMaster.com)

About 4 years ago, I started this site as a personal “blog”. It started as a bit of a lark. My kids were growing up, I had more free time and was renewing my interests in the outdoors, guns, etc. The “gagg” was short for “Gun and Gear Guy”. I was writing and sharing my experiences in guns, gunsmithing, and gun gear.

Then, I ran off and went elk hunting with my brother in Montana. My first trip out re-ignited my passion for the outdoors and wilderness adventures. So then, I added writing about my outdoor adventures, hunting and fishing as well. I wanted to make the site less of the lark as it started and make it something more formal and valuable. Last year (2016) I published some exciting goals for TheGaGG.com. These goals were supposed to help transition the site to something more formal.

I totally failed on every one of those goals!

But… I am so glad I did, because as I worked on those goals, I gained clarity. Trying to cover guns, gunsmithing, shooting, hunting, fishing, camping … in one site was just too confusing. Readers wanted more multimedia (less words to read). It was often easier to show than write about, and I wanted to engage many other talented contributors.

TheGaGG.com 2.0

That clarity provided me the vision and direction I needed to make TheGaGG.com a place where shooters, gun lovers and other people interested in guns would want to come – TheGaGG.com 2.0. So what is TheGaGG.com 2.0?


The biggest and most significant improvement to TheGaGG.com in version 2.0 is focus. This site, as the tag line says, is “Nothing but Guns, Gun Gear, and Shooting”. Gone are the outdoors, hunting, fishing, etc. elements that were mixed in with guns. Those aspects now have their own home at WildernessMaster.com.

New Look and Feel

To move the site from a personal blog to a content portal, we streamlined the look and feel, we made the site cleaner in design and experience and we focused on making the presentation as high quality as possible. We branded the site so you can easily identify who we are in any and all of our presentations.

Richer Experience

One critique we had of ourselves and some we received, was the content was good but given it was all “written” content, it was harder to consume and not up to the modern standards which include video and audio.We invested in the infrastructure for producing quality video and audio, whether in the field or not. This will allow us to engage our readership through all of their senses and “show” rather than write.

Quality Experience

The “lark” aspect of our origin lead to a confusing categorization of content. We formalized the category structure of each site to better serve our growing audience. The top level categories for TheGaGG.com will consist of:

  • Guns
  • Gun-ology
  • Gear
  • Competitions
  • Reviews

Under each of these top-level categories is a rich topology of content making it easier to find what you want.

In addition, we developed a production calendar for content delivery. This will give the reader a uniform and quality experience with the site. This production calendar will enable our staff to better plan and ensure delivery of on-time, quality and relevant content. For our readers, you will have more insight into what is coming up.

Quality Content

I wanted the site to be richer, deeper and broader in content. So “I” started becoming a “we” and I began to engage and search for additional contributors.

What’s Coming

We aren’t finished. As we progress and refine the site over the next few months, there are plans to add more. Here is a short list of some of the things coming:

  • More contributors
  • More exposure of the category structure to allow accessing the content you want quicker
  • Syndication of partner/related content
  • Newsletter to give you a periodic synopsis of content you may want to view
  • Private/Subscribed face to TheGaGG.com where you can gain access to very detailed and helpful content that goes above and beyond the public face

Now that we are formally launched, you will begin to see a steady stream of high quality content. Check back for our “AR-Fu: A tale of 3 Magazine Releases”, our “Glock-ology 101” video blog series, and our “Guns Smoking, Brass Flying” podcast series… and much more to follow.

Welcome and thank you for being part of our readership. It is going to be an amazing journey. We always welcome your feedback, so please go to the contact page and send us an email telling us what you think.

Luke Stephens

Head Gun and Gear Guy (GaGG)/Founder/Chief Editor

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