Welcome to TheGaGG.com 3.0 – Finally!!

Wow!! What a journey…

First of all, I want to thank you for your extreme patience and I apologize for the long delay. This has truly been a journey. A journey that, when I started, I did not realize it would take so long. The duration was partly due to the desire to get the taxonomy and look and feel of the site to be the one that we could live with for a long time. What do I mean by taxonomy? That is the way the content is structured on the site. We allowed the former (2.0) site to diverge from a taxonomy perspective along too many lines.

During the journey of getting the site “right”, we realized there were some technical concerns (slowness or site) that we needed to address. The other part of the delays were personal. As soon as I began the journey of V3.0, I received an offer on my house and I had to immediately begin the process of moving and transitioning my life (more to come on that in future articles).

Wow, what a journey!!

What’s new about TheGaGG.com 3.0? Where do I begin?…

  • Cleaner structure – The old site was beginning to have too many menus and categories of text… We now have a top level structure that is simple, descriptive and fosters your navigation and getting to what and where you want quicker.
  • Content relevance – The old site made time (what were the last articles written) the only relevance factor. Now, relevant content is not pushed to the back by time. It’s at your fingertips!
  • Image and graphics – Check out how the new image presentations “pop” and are visually richer.
  • A better way to search – Try it… It makes content just a few keystrokes away.
  • Front page – Look at that front page. It helps make the site work for you.
  • Memes and photos – We decided some of our social media content should come back to the site, so we added photos and memes.
  • Media distinguishable – Before, media (video, podcasts, photos) were mixed in with articles. Now, it is more straightforward for you to find a video or a podcast.
  • …and MORE!!

We believe with this version of the site, long “shutdowns” where we make site changes will no longer be necessary. In fact, that is in part why we chose to take the time we did with this version.

So, instead of boring you with more discussion about how great the new site is, JUST GO TRY IT OUT!! As always, we appreciate any feedback you have. Please contact us on the NEW Contact page.

Good sight alignment, great trigger control and you will be on target in life.

Head GaGG – Luke Stephens

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