WTH Files: Modern Shooter Lazy?… – The Return of Bad Things

Over at The Daily Caller, Sam Hoober wrote an article, “CCW Weekend: Has the Striker Trigger Made Modern Shooters Lazy?” that is a borderline rant on how the striker fire pistols have ruined the modern shooter. While I think I get the sentiment behind this, I do have to say his reasoning is flawed…almost dangerously so.

He bases his reasoning on the fact that modern shooters “just draw a gun and shoot”. Gone are the days of having to train for an initial double-action trigger pull.  Gone are the days of having to manually disengage a safety as a separate action. He makes an analogy to manual transmissions in cars where no one cares to use them anymore in our automatic transmission world.

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I am sorry Sam, but a manual transmission provides a benefit. Having to learn 2 different trigger pulls or take a separate action to disengage a safety does not! I am one of those shooters who grew up in the world of DA/SA triggers and side safety releases. They were a PITA (pain in the arse) and did not provide any added value. A manual transmission on a car (versus automatic) does add value under certain circumstances.

It is this thinking that has me scratching my head as I watch firearms manufacturers return to some of these paradigms. Why? In almost every firearms usage scenario, I want a gun “ready” and in the easiest shooting state when it is drawn.

Sam touts that learning to use a DA trigger makes it easier to shoot a SA trigger, like on a striker fire gun. BS! I originally learned on the Beretta 92 DA/SA mode of fire. To the man, almost every shooter who shoots one in the dual-mode nearly always jerks the DA or the SA shot (most typically the SA).

Given that mentality, I guess Sam would think that disengaging a safety manually improves one’s shooting as well. I guess all of the guys I heard curse during those days when they forgot, or only partially disengaged those dreaded “thumb safeties” were improving their shooting…

Sam (and many others), as well as gun manufacturers… PLEASE STOP allowing your reminiscing to take on mythical proportions… PLEASE!

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